My dad is an aspiring and perspiring grill jockey! He is a grill jockey wannabe and I am a burnt knuckles novice but learning my chops from a skilled veteran of life and live fire cookery. I've learned more about life & living while prepping, cooking, grilling and talking with my family and friends over great meals. Our family is very food centric: we live to eat and we do not understand those that only eat to live. My dad, mom & I talk about what we are having for lunch & dinner while my dad is serving up his famous huevos rancheros. We lost my mom and his wife of 24 years just this past year to cancer. She was such a key part of cooking team & loving family; as the greatest & most loving mother, devoted & loving wife and our team baker. We miss her much and my dad & I made a pact to honor her life = our grilling team - The Serial Grillers. We won our first and only competition, Boston's Battle of the Burger 2012-home grillers division. My mom was definitely with us and soooo proud!!! A weekend in Chicago cooking with Kevin would be my dream gift to my dad! My dad will share his hilarious life experiences & our team's secret recipes with Kevin while Kevin hones our skills for our next competition. My dad deserves it!