My dad is a grill a holic. In the home I grew up in ( Wisconsin) dad loved grilled steak and brats so much, he installed a power vented grill hood in our basement (he was an HVAC contractor) so we could grill indoors all winter. Had the "Smokey Joe" on a stand under this 4 ft square exhaust hood. Turn the hood on, light the coals and load on the meat. He taught me how to grill. Fortunately, I have become a student and learned to be a better grillmaster than my father. I have studied recipes and techniques. He has not. When I was last home, I grilled some Filet steaks for he and mom. Mom pulled me aside and whispered ('I wish your father's steak tasted like this.) He just needs some help with the recipes and technique. He really didn't understand how to sear a steak. I told him he can't be so cheap with the coals. (LOL). P.S. His Smokey Joe is so old it still has 3 vents on the bottom. Still looks like new.