My dad is the most influential and important person in my life, he has been ever sense we started spending every weekend together starting back in 5th grade on the softball field. He has acted as a father figure to so many people and is always there to help anyone in need, any way he can, all for helping others. Recently a family in my community lost their father to a car accident, sadly at the time of his passing the family also discovered that their mom had multiple cancer tumors on her stomach wall that are incurable. My dad worked with the store owners of Double D Meats to set up an all-day BBQ lunch fundraiser to help raise money for the Watson family and their mothers cancer treatment. In just one day my dad had raised over 6 thousand dollars for the Watson family and their mothers 72 hour radiation treatment. My community, the Watson family, and I are so proud and thankful for how he is turning what used to be just a back yard hobby into a way to help those in need. Moments like this is why I couldn't ever be more proud to have a role model, a friend, and most importantly a dad like him. I truly believe he deserves this trip to not only get the chance of a life time to learn from such a great cook, but to really show how much we all appreciate what he does.