My dad grew up poor and never finished college, yet made the necessary sacrifices to not only get me through my early struggles in education, but to also inspire me as I became the 2013 Teacher of the Year for my school district. He impacts many others everyday as the President of a non-profit organization that helps at risk children. Along with instilling in me the importance of hard work, he has also shown me the joy and pride that can only come from grilling in own your backyard with your family. Seeing my two year old son dig into his first grilled corn on the cob slathered with butter and spices fresh off of my Weber Kettle brought the same smile to my face that I had eating burgers off my dad's grill throughout my formative years. Even to this day, there are few things that fill me with such happiness as slow cooking a pork shoulder on my Weber while watching my son chase my dog around the yard as I talk to my dad about life. There is no way I can repay my dad for the investment he has made in my life and many others, but taking him to Chicago to grill in person with Kevin would certainly provide memories that we would never forget. My dad has taught me a lot about grilling and life. Eddie is a truly a national treasure.