My dad loves to grill. He would love this trip more than anything else I could ever give him. He currently works two temporary jobs while looking for one good fulltime one. Neither job offers paid vacation. This trip would give him the vacation he deserves. My parents both grew up in Minnesota, we currently live in PA, so a trip to Chicago would be awesome.
My Dad loves Weber grills. He still has his first kettle he got for a wedding gift from his best friends. It isn’t working anymore but he says it is too good to throw away. He prefers charcoal so much that he even sold his gas grill.
The best thing my Dad makes on the grill is Pesto Pizza. When we have lots of Basil in the Garden he will make it. It is better than any pizza you can buy anywhere. I think the smoke flavor is what makes it so good.
His dream grill would be the Performer Silver. With my older sister going to college in the fall he says he couldn’t get it till we are all graduated from college. He has tried to build his own by putting his kettle on an old gas grill frame. He loves having the dual table to work with while grilling.
There is not a more deserving Dad among all your Weber customers. You would make him happy and me too by winning this for him. -Acacia