My dad is a wise, funny, encouraging, loving, sacrificing father to both me and my sister. He deserves this to make up for all of the gray hair that we both gave him growing up, and then the hair that's starting to fade away from the concern over whether he really did us justice..him wondering if it was really alright to let us make our mistakes. I think he struggled with trusting himself, knowing that he had really gotten through to us, if we were really listening. It wasn't that he doubted us, he doubted himself. I think that he worried that since he didn't have the advantage of having his dad all of his childhood, after losing him to a battle with cancer, that he didn't know how to handle certain things. It was hard for a woman to finish raising him and several other children with no job, college degree, driver's license, etc. Somehow that woman, that some would say had little to offer, was still able to teach him how to become a man. It was a lot of trial and error, but at the end of the day, he did a great job. He is a dedicated husband, proud father and grandfather, and the man that stepped up and answered what he was called to be through hard work, faith, and determination. He used those skills to start at the bottom, upwards in his career, and then decided to change careers. In a short time, he has excelled in that career to a position that would have taken other men an entire career to build up to. Another area that those qualities show up in my dad is his grilling. My dad loves to get the family together and grill, and we love to eat it. My dad made these pulled pork sandwiches once, that he gave up sleep in order to get them just right..I think he had gotten a total of maybe 3 hours of sleep so that we would have the delicious food that he had prepared! So to save ya'll time and to conserve words, just go ahead and pick my dad to win this, because he is really deserving. My sister and I would love to be able to see him be rewarded for all of his hard work with something that we know he loves. I know if you asked him, he'd tell you that he is already seeing that reward by watching us be who we are, but I really know how special this would be for him. Plus, I'm getting married in a few months, and what better bonding for my dad and husband to have together, than my dad's grilling knowledge and experience from such an amazing trip, learned straight from the pros??? Aaanddd did I mention that the grandkids are 90% boys, and that we live in the south?? They need to learn grilling, it's in their blood! Please pick my dad, it wouldn't be just a blessing to him :)