Daddy's Little Girl
My parents split when I was 4 and my dad was left with little to no money. He had me and my two brothers to raise as we were all close in age. All our memories consist of my dad grilling on his Weber in the backyard and tying the Weber to the back of his old blue station wagon to bring it on all our camping trips. People would point and yell out "Wally World!" As we resembled the Griswalds when we went on vacation. When I left for college, my dad would invite my friends and I over on weekends for cook outs. Being College Students who missed our parents home cooked meals, we were eager to come over and hang out with my dad. He is an amazing man who has been there for me and my brothers through everything. We would love to do something special for him for fathers day. All three of us have entered into this contest on behalf of him. He would love the opportunity to travel and meet Kevin.