My dad LOVES to grill and smoke. Winter, in snow, doesnt matter. He loves trying new things and would get a HUGE kick out of grilling with Kevin. Seriously, though, my dad REALLY needs a new grill. He lost the job hed worked his whole career for a few years ago, and it really crushed him. His new job isnt at the same level, and like so many families, we've had to tighten the purse strings. His grill,that my mom waited in line for 5 hours for at your plant in IL is rigged together so it doesnt collapse, but he wont buy a new one because right now he cant afford a Weber! Our family needs other things, he says. Well, he's not my birth father, but hes my dad and has always loved me and my sister like his own, and Iwould LOVE to surprise him with this and let him know how much I appreciate all he sacrifices for our family! Thanks!