Growing up, our family didn't have a lot of money, but my parents are thrifty with a budget. My Dad would take a cheaper cut of meat and make it taste fantastic for our family, and he always did it with a Weber grill. My father taught me from an early age how to cook (if you asked me what smell reminds me of my childhood, it would be hickory smoke and charcoal), and that you buy good tools for the job, they last longer and give better results. Collectively we own 9 Weber grills between my father, brother, and I. I've always owned Weber grills, always will. I'm now the grill master in my own family, but I bow to my father's knowledge and call him for advice. We recently bought my father the Fire Spice pack for Father’s Day since he loves to smoke meats, too. (Picture is of my brother and Dad grilling the burgers for a church function. My Q is in the background for the Hawaiian chicken kebabs)