Gary is my husband & a great dada & grandad. He was a widower with 4 daughters & 7 grand kids when we met in August 2012. He was willing to marry me & add my 5 kids & 12 grand kids to his family. We were married in March. He's an awesome parent & grandparent to all of our kids & they all are crazy about him. We love to grill but its usually me doing it. I'd love for Gary to be inspired by Kevin & take over more of the grilling. I'm not very good at it & Gary's good at everything he does. He's created me anew patio & will soon be a 2 grill family with a grill on the deck & the patio. Gary works so hard at being a good father, grandfather & husband & I think he deserves a trip to Chicago & an inspirational lesson from Kevin. Besides, we can always use a short break from babysitting our soon to be 20 grand kids.