2012 was a very tough year for me, being out of work. My father has been incredibly supportive, both emotionally as well as financially to me and my family. One of the few things that has helped me remain “calm” during this entire time has been cooking and my Weber works all year around. The very least I can do for my Dad is to cook for him whenever I get the chance. He loves my grilling and although he’s never been much more than a summertime, backyard griller, it’s not due to lack of interest. I think he has never been primed and we both could benefit from this opportunity to improve our skills. I totally owe him this contest submission (and more). I’ve recently started working again and I want to pay him back for his support.

A trip like this to grill/learn with Kevin and build on something we can both share together is the perfect father’s day opportunity for me and my Dad. I’m attaching a picture of him here, patiently waiting for my ribs to be done. I’d love to surprise him with this trip and to see all of you in July.