My Father-In law, Rick has made sure even thru the death of my father, to be there every chance that he could. In His life he has faced many challenges Including cancer and his daughter (my wife) Having five open heart surgeries. As well as having her appendix & thyroid out, And a pacemaker! His own struggles with his cancer led to him having his spinal cord partially severed. Forcing him to relearn how to walk and major nerve damage. This also is the man that gave me my first Weber! My Father passed in'05 and was a traveling man, Never in one spot long. When my father passed Rick was there and supported me in every way. He stepped up to be the father I never had. Buying me my first Weber and having me and my family over every chance he could, Teaching me how to grill and be a father every weekend! I cant say just how much I appreciate My Father-In law, not only as a man but as a father. I think that a weekend together in Chicago with you guys might just give him an idea as to how much he's Loved and Help me truly say Happy Fathers Day!