Weber, I am writing to you about my brother-in-law Steve, who is an amazing man. He has been with my sister since they were in 10th grade. Right after high school he became a Big Brother and participated in raising 3 different young men one after the other until they each became 18. During this time, he finished school to become a fireman, he bought a house and immediately proposed to my sister. He participated in his nieces and nephews sporting events for over a decade without children of his own. In March of 1999 he and my sister welcomed my oldest nephew into this world followed by his little brother in 2002. Since 1998 he helped raise my two sons who are now 18 and 14. He has had such a huge impact on my sons, one who is now in college (the same college my Steve went to) and the other who is working hard to make football his profession. He is selfless and gives of himself often. He has brought the true essence of family back into my families life. Steve is a blood brother to my little brother Greg who had cancer at age 1 and is now 23, who now has a family of his own and is working to become a fireman. He led us all back to church and although he is very humble, he deserves to be honored with a weekend of grilling with Kevin. Grateful sister-in-law Michelle