My younger brother, Mark, is not my father. To be frank, he isn’t ANYONE’s father. But since Dad died in 1999, Mark has been the male role model in the family, and carries on the family traditions that our father started. My father and brother are the two men who made sure my daughter knows that there are indeed good, honest, gentle men out there, and that she deserves to be treated well. Mark and his wonderful Lori help our mother with repairs and other issues around the house, and so he spends time being a constant for not one, but two, amazing women. And while he works hard with sometimes long hours, he also plays hard. And play generally involves a Weber grill.

Mark carries on Dad’s tradition of cooking the Thanksgiving turkey on the Weber kettle. And then his Weber gas grill is fired up to put just the right flavor into the pecan-crusted catfish or just the right grill marks on the chicken or steak around the patio in the summer. And when my old grill died, he saw to it that I had a new Weber. When Mark speaks of grilling, he says “Let’s cook it on the Weber,” or “Fire up the Weber” and rarely is the word “grill” used.

There is no harder worker, better role model, or advocate for Weber than my brother, Mark; I would love for him to be honored by winning this contest.