My name is Gabriel and I am seeking to give my father Terry the greatest Father's Day gift.
My father is now pushing 60 and has only just started living now that he retired. Dad had graduated High School on a Friday and started his long career with General Motors on Monday. Dad had worked may years on the line to provided for his wife (mom), and four children. Working over was a regular thing for dad. Now that I am older and have children of my own, I really can appreciate what my father has sacrificed for all of us.
Life has had its toll on my father. In short, his body has taken a toll on him from work, he has successfully survived Cancer, he has helped my mother successfully survive Cancer, he is the primary caregiver for my Grandmother, he has witnessed a terrible death of a sibling of his, raised four children that turned out all to be successful, is a loving Grandfather, and most importantly for me is he is still in love with my mother after all these years.
Now that we are older, my father and I really enjoy cooking on our grills (Weber's of course). It has grown into somewhat of a competition. I have learned a great deal from my father, and I think I may have taught him a thing our two next to the grill (even if he will not admit it).
Happy Father's Day Dad's.