My father taught me how to grill over 30 years ago. I learned how to start my coals, prep my Weber Grill, place my coals indirectly or directly depending on what I was going to cook. With all my friends, I have become the "Go-To" for grilling at everyone's parties, not just mine. I even made a grilling case with utensils and spices for on the go grilling! I own two 22.5" one touch silvers, two Smokey Joes and one Go-Anywhere Gas grill for last minute grilling. As of late, my father has been grilling less and less, and when he does, it is usually the gas grill. Winning this contest would reignite his passion for grilling with charcoal on his Weber grill. Plus it would get us some time together to do some one on one like we did when I was only a child.