I purchased my first Weber in 1991, a Genesis 1000. In 2005 the igniter needed to be replaced because I broke it trying to dry it after power washing the grill. I was proud to say that it always started on the first try and that it was original. Contacted Weber customer service and they sent me a new one for around $10.

I had to retire my old friend today, her burners are original but the time has come. She has served me well over the years.

Today I hooked up my brand new 4 burner Weber Summit from 2004. Yes, brand spankin new 2004 Summit. I purchased it from a gentlemen that found it in a storage locker that he was the high bidder on. Brand spankin new!!! Life is good. Can't wait to throw a ribeye down on those stainless steel grates. I had her running tonight for the first time, didn't cook, just a test run. Got up to 600 degrees in no time. Flavorizer bars were glowing red hot...sweet.

If you just bought a new grill and it's not a Weber... I'm sorry to hear that. You're missing out on something very special :)