I was looking for a good quality off set smoker and I had settled on an Oklahoma Joe. I belonged to a few smoker Facebook groups and I asked for other suggestions. I kept getting "WSM", I had no idea what they were talking about so I googled it. Ah, the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. The more I looked the more interested I became. But Weber! those old school kettles that I remembered as a kid! those were old and outdated. The more I looked the more interested I became; a ten year warranty? excellent customer service? really! But those old kettles had been around forever. I soon discovered why, because they are awesome and stood the test of time.

I asked for cash for my Christmas and my birthday. I was able to purchase a 22.5 WSM and a classic 22.5 kettle. The Smoker is incredible! Those old school kettles are rock solid and versatile. I never imagined that you could do so much on a little weber kettle. Google it, it is amazing!

What if you have an issue? No worries! Weber has your back. My smoker lid would not fit right, and my thermometer had moisture in it. I had registered both my grills, so I contacted Weber. I explained my issues and the only question was" Can you Please verify your shipping address" . That was it! They sent me a new Mid section for my smoker and a new thermometer. Mind blowing customer service! I can't say enough!!