I must say that I this past summer have committed the biggest mistake of my grilling life. After 11 solid years with my Genesis Silver series grill, I was in the market for a new grill. I grilled so hard over those 11 years that the base started to rust out. So I started to shop for grills, and the first grills I looked at were Weber. The problem I had was that I just didn't have the money for one at the time, and started looking at other options. I came across Kenmore grills and figured that since they have had a great reputation with appliances that there grills should be good so I found one big enough for what I needed and in my price range. Well what an awful decision that was, they have one of the worst designs with the flavoring bars laying almost flat with air holes in them which in turn catches any of the drippings on fire and burns my food. The base pan pretty much keeps all the drippings in the bottom again causing ridiculous flare ups. I called and complained about all of this and how it has ruined my cookouts, and they had a Mr Ducane call me we went back and forth about it with me telling him how I wish I bought a weber. He then tells me that Ducane grills had a lawsuit against Weber for design infringement, but there is no way Weber would design something so dumb. So needless to say I am stuck with this garbage grill, and hope the fine folks at Weber can forgive me for straying away from you. I learned my lesson and one day hope to say up money to buy another Weber grill thanks for your time please FORGIVE ME Weber Nation