I bought a Genesis grill 2 months age. Here's a poem I wrote about it.
My Weber Grill
By Dean Talcott

Grill, oh grill, your meat is so sweet!
A beer-can chicken is a real treat,
My Weber grill gives food that can’t be beat.

In which season is grilling better?
I’d say, any time from Spring thru Winter.

Brisket, chops or a sloppy rack of ribs,
Advise your company to wear their bibs.

Rubs, marinades or a tasty sauce,
Show your guests you’re the “Grillin’ boss”.

Roasted veggies and a pizza too,
Is there anything my grill can’t do?

Red wine, white wine or a Porter stout,
Grilling makes me want to shout out,
My Weber grill is an appliance I can’t live without.