I never write about products but I have to tell this story. My wife purchased this grill for my birthday 16 years ago. I swore I was a charcoal guy forever but once I tried this I was hooked. Over the past 16 years I've enjoyed many wonderful evenings grilling. My wife calls the grill "Franken Grill" as I've replaced the grills, flavor bars, burners, regulator, starting button etc.... I've even replaced the lower grill body which Weber sent me N/C who does that. My wife has offered many times to replace this Weber with a nice new pretty one but I can't believe it would cook better than old Franken Grill. I can't tell you how many perfect 138 degree medium rare NY steaks I've cooked. So for now the shinny new grills can stay on the showroom floor as I'll keep grilling on Franken Grill. IT LIVES, IT LIVES