Thick Boneless pork chops. Marinate overnight in Killians Red, with Montreal Chicken spice, cajun spice, seasoned salt, pepper, dry BBQ rub, Garlic and Herb spices, then before grilling, inject marinade into the pork chops in several spots. Heat grill on high, then turn off the two right burners, and place the left burner on medium. Place pork chops on the cold side of the grill for 30 minutes. Flip over and repeat for another 30 minutes. Try to maintain heat at 275 degrees. Then take and turn on middle burner to medium, and move the pork chops over the two left burner that are on medium. Leave lid open, BBQ chops and cook 3 minutes, turn over, cover with BBQ sauce and cook another 3 minutes. Turn and re-BBQ and cook 3 minutes, then turn one more time and re-BBQ and cook 3 minutes. Prepare to eat the moistest best BBQ Pork Chops you have ever had. Hint, mix your BBQ Sauce with half KC Masterpiece and half Sweet Baby Rays. You get the sweet, smoke, and zap all at once. Cannot be beat.