I just got off the phone with customer service. This is the second time I have ever called them in the 5 years I have owned my Weber Summit E/S450 gas grill. This has been a trouble free grill and I liked it so much, I shipped it from Maine to Florida when I retired.
The first time I called, I needed a new manifold because my rotisserie burner would not work. It was out of warrantee but they discounted the price and it arrived in a few days. I was pleased with the price and service. Today I called to order new burner tubes because they had begun to plug up over the years and a wire brush wouldn't work to clean them. To my surprise, they told me they are under warrantee and they are sending me new ones (four main burners and a smoker burner). What a pleasant surprise and I have never talked to customer service reps who were nicer. I will always have a Weber grill, and when my relatives, friends and neighbors who know I love to cook ask my advice - they will be told to buy a Weber.