I recently purchased my Weber Genesis E310 about a week and a half ago. Since then I've grilled the usual burger, hot dogs, chicken and corn on it. When I bought it, I also purchased the stainless steel smoker box and a bag of Fire Spice Pecan Chips. This past Saturday we had a BBQ and I decided to give the smoker box a whirl. I bought a 4 1/2 pound pork shoulder and used my dry rub on it Friday night and let it sit in the fridge. Saturday morning I fired up the Weber soaked my chips. Once the grill was heated up I put the smoker box above the left burner and let them do their thing. I brought the heat down and turned off the middle burner. Put the pork over the "dead burner and let it ride for 5 hours. It was done by the time guests arrived so they had no idea that I did it on my gas grill! The pork was a huge success and everybody wondered where my smoker was until I let them in on the secret! The Pecan chips gave the pork a great flavor and I had great penetration throughout the meat! I can't wait to smoke something else, perhaps a brisket!