It all started in October 1985 when I got my first Weber Genesis gas bbq. It was so cool to be able to actually cook without the char. The flavor was there just no flair up and burnt taste. Not soon after that I started working for a hardware store in Greenwich Connecticut that sold the Weber brand. Everything from the charcoal go anywhere grill to the if I remember right was the Genesis 550 with all the bells and whistles at the time.
The quality of the Weber was amazing. And still is. On any given spring through fall we would assemble 2 to 3 hundred bbqs from the charcoal to the gas grills. Never once did I get a missed part or a cut on my hands from your product. I can not say that about your major competition at that time.
Cut to 16 years later. I found a lovely Mom and Pop hardware store in a beachfront community called Rowayton Connecticut to work at. The bbqs had changed a little but the quality had remained the same.
I have been the proud owner of 4 Weber gas bbqs as well as 3 charcoal versions.
Weber bbqs are by far the best American made product out there. Thank you for thirty years of perfectly cooked meals.

Jonathan Crisp