My dad bought the Weber Genesis you see on the right when I was 13 years old and gave it to me when I bought my first house years later. Even though it still lights on the very first click of the original igniter I felt it was time for a new grill. Given this is 23 years later I knew there was no other grill for me but a Weber. I just picked up a Spirit E-210 the other night and couldn't be happier. I do not know what I will do with the old Weber but it's almost hard to part with it. It's become a legacy to my family and friends just because they'd see me using it and always ask if it would over die, and it just hasn't. As you can see in the picture it still burns strong. Thanks for making a quality product and I plan to gift the E-210 to my 4 year old son when he buys his first house.