I smoked an 8 pound bone-in pork shoulder (butt) with my 21 inch charcoal weber setup for indirect cooking with the meat in the middle of the grill, a water pan underneath and coals on either side. I used charcoal, pecan and cherry wood chunks. I rubbed it down, smoked it for 5 hours, then wrapped it in foil adding some apple juice and vinegar. Then cooked it for another 2 hours. I then took it off and let it rest still wrapped in foil for another hour. I kept the grill temp between 250-275 degrees throughout the cook. I unwrapped it pouring all the juices in the pan and shredded the pork mixing it with the juices. Several of my friends and I made pulled pork sandwiches with buttered and toasted Texas toast and bbq sauce. Now everyone is bugging me to do it again because it was the best bbq they have every had.