One day in 1980 my father-in-law gave me his charcoal grill. It was a really nice grill with electric rotisserie and electric starter. I thought I had won the lottery and when I saw the new grill he had bought I thought he had lost his mind. It was a Weber Kettle and didn't look like anything special. But when he used it to cook a turkey that Thanksgiving I understood why he had changed grills. I gave the grill he had given me to a friend and bought Weber Kettle. I had that grill for 20 years before I saw an ad for a performer. I had to have one! However I had trouble finding one. I called it my search for the holy grill. I finally found one and I've had it for 15 years. Over the years I've made many Weber converts. This year I'm giving my son-in-law his first Weber.